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catvalente ponders The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Recently, author Catherynne Valente (catvalente) tore the movie Terminator Salvation down to its chassis to show the many problems and inconsistencies and just plain not-thought-through issues that film has. She very thoroughly explained why the film was disappointing.

Now she's done another "workshopping" post on the, to me as well as her, flawed but fascinating TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's one of the better defenses of the oddly compelling show I've read. Spoilers for the show's cliffhanger finale, a finale which will go unanswered because the show got cancelled. It's a different set of "what might have been"s that's frustrating here.

Spoilers like you wouldn't believe in both posts.

One other link, while I'm thinking about catvalente: she did a similar write-up on the new Star Trek. As much as I had a blast at that film, I see her point several times. Spoilers here, too.
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