Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Saliva glands? You're not helping.

Felt like I was drowning repeatedly this morning at the dentist's. I had to stop the hygienist for a minute and cough because my saliva kept wanting to go to places that made my body go AW HELL NO. At least my teeth and gums are in good shape and I didn't drown in the process of confirming that.

In inadvertant amusement, the hygienist had accidentally tuned her radio into KUFO and The Rick Emerson Show. That's a -- a little intense for a dentist's office, and later she realized this wasn't one of her usual stations and retuned it. Probably my wanting to laugh during the cleaning didn't help the cleaning.

Other quick bits before bed:

* Over on popfiend's journal, we're discussing profanity. Often using profanity. Maybe you'd like reading it! (I suggested the topic, and I've been having fun responding, is why I'm pimping it.)

* Saw a near-collision this morning at SE 51st and Woodstock because a cop car was screaming westbound on Woodstock and 51st's cross-traffic (one particular car southbound, another one northbound) wasn't stopping. Yeah, you DON'T want to get in an accident with a siren-loud and light-flashy cop car. Were those drivers being inattentive, or did they just not care? Unimpressed, I was.

* Good day, all told. Even with seeing car close calls.
Tags: peregrinations, portland, radio

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