Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Like a movie studio you live in

Did drinks inspire my dreams? I can't answer that! But I can tell you I dreamed about visiting Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center*, which were full of visitors despite being completely flooded. As in Waterworld levels of flooded. I was riding around in a car (a car in Disney World? Just accept it and go on. I did), past all of these people and all these landmarks who were getting just fine even being underwater. Maybe they were all breathing the liquid oxygen emulsion from The Abyss or something. (Seeing Spaceship Earth surrounded by water was especially odd.) We saw more recognizable people as we wound through the park, as in actor-recognizable. Finally my car reached the Dream Disney equivalent of the suburbs, and I got out and was greeted not with a wall of water, but just a drizzle. Must look different outside of the car. Headed into a home (I can't tell you more about the home; I don't remember) and saw that the other houses were surrounded by movie props (I saw scale-model Teletubbies outside one), like at Universal Studios. This is like a movie studio you live in, I thought. (Now I think onezumi would love to live here! I also was riding with theloriest. I am not saying that as a complaint. ;-)

At another point there was a WWE wrestling match involving water. Man, it's gotta be hard to wrestle in water...

* Yeah, I know it's now Epcot Theme Park. It'll always be EPCOT Center to me. I visited it in spring 1984, by the way. Neat place.
Tags: dreams

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