Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tonight's most random pondering, by Christopher Walsh, Age 35 and 33/48

How would the members of Aqua Teen Hunger Force manage to get on the Internet? How would they just operate a computer?

I was trying to picture how they'd get online, and picturing it as an awkward team effort with Frylock pushing the buttons with his French fries and Meatwad messily pushing the mouse around, because Master Shake has so much trouble doing anything with those hands. Could mean visual comedy!

Yes, I was trying to think like the world of Aqua Teen Hunger Force made SENSE.

rebellibrarian knows where this ponderable came from. (She added "I never thought about the mechanics of it before.") So does popfiend. You want to know? It comes from there! Somewhere in there. Okay, in this thread, to be exact.

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