Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Being for the Benefit of Mr. popfiend!

My friend popfiend is a good guy, as several of you reading this can vouch for. The last few weeks he's spearheaded a fun project on his journal: trying to hit 100,000 comments by July 20th, the anniversary of him starting his LJ.

As of this morning, he has one week to get 1,500 comments. This weekend he got -- no lie -- several hundred, including plenty by me. I'll be at work several hours at a time for the next several days, so I won't be able to contribute as much this week as I did this weekend, but I can push people towards his entries! You'll find something worth reading.

Like asking about how people pronounce stuff (which he asked about another pronunciation here).

And comments spurred by comic strips (here's Saturday's batch, and here's Sunday's batch).

And this talk about the price of gas.

And happily arguing about chocolate.

And gloating about having ice cream for lunch. Sweet-Tooth Me approves.

And this grab-bag of all sorts of threads (489 comments long so far!), often where we're just being wacky in comments, 'cause any comment counts towards the goal!

And amidst the silliness, plenty of thoughtful, contemplative posts, 'cause he likes to get people thinking about positive stuff: this talk about how to praise people, for instance, and a moment where he inadvertantly gives good advice to himself.

I've had fun adding to this madness. I've also happily met cool people in the process (hi, new readers!), so that's another bonus. How 'bout joining popfiend's merry band of smartasses?

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