Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Supporting people with links, Post the Second: Tara Dublin and Lisa Wood

Two awesome people I've had good dealings with? They got fired, because even being awesome doesn't protect people's jobs. And now they're doing something about that:

Tara Dublin, former DJ and blogger at 94.7 Alternative Portland, got laid off first, and her 94.7 blog disappeared along with any mention that she'd ever existed, as is usually radio's way. Well, she wanted to keep out there on the Web, so she launched Tara Dublin Online Dot Com, to start remaking herself as a freelance writer, event host and performer, i.e. using her already well-developed performing skills in non-radio ways. She also wanted to keep blogging, so here's her new blog, on its own page that's not tied to a radio station's site! Or its standards and practices! She finally can vent (and swear) when needed, like her pick of her 10 most hated songs, or her life as a mom to two young, mercurial boys, or the grief process as applied to losing one's job, or her thoughts on gay marriage or her reminiscing about jobs of her youth. She's also done her first video blog.

Surviving a little longer in the radio business was Lisa Wood (or, as she's called on Twitter, Lisa Effin' Wood), but then, the Corporate Cut occurred and she got laid off, because the economy still sucks. She already was online with Lisa Wood Dot Net, and there she's promoting her ability to do all sorts of behind-the-scenes radio work, and voice work. (By the way, Wood can sing, something most DJs, I gather, can't.)

I can vouch for both of them as being Of The Good, and worth reading and supporting. I've had nice dealings with them: for example, I donated my copy of Stephen King's The Gunslinger to Tara so she could get a start on reading the entire Dark Tower. Good, thoughtful e-mails back and forth with both of them, too, and I've run into Lisa at some events (like the Star Trek preview). Their enthusiasm, music and culture smarts, and smartassedness are infectious.

Anyone got work for them?

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