Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I probably do know women who'd respond well to this

One detail in my dreams last night was me flirting with someone by reciting to her Casey Kasem's "dead dog" rant.

(Other dream stuff happened, but I feel odd about it, and not in the best way, so I won't talk about that.)

Now, we're up to our Long Distance Dedication, and this one is about kids, and pets, and a situation that we can all understand, whether we have kids or pets or neither. It's from a man in Cincinnati, Ohio, and here's what he writes: "Dear Casey, this may seem like a strange dedication request, but I'm quite sincere and it would mean a lot if you played it. Recently there was a death in our family. He was a little dog named Snuggles, but he was most certainly a part of --"...let's, let's start that again. From coming out of the record, play the record, okay. [a little darkly and grumbly] Please. [Pause while song finishes] See, when you come out of those uptempo Goddam numbers, man, it's impossible to make those transitions, and then you gotta go onto somebody dying -- I mean they they do this to me all the time, I don't know what the hell they do it for, but Goddam it if we can't come out of a slow record, I don't understand it. Is Don on the phone? Okay, I want a Goddam concerted effort to not come out of a record that isn't a fucking uptempo record every time I do a Goddam death dedication. Now -- make it -- and I also want to know what happened to those pictures I was supposed to see this week. This is a last, God, last Goddam time, I want somebody to use his fucking brain to not come out of a Goddam record -- that is, uh, that's that's uptempo and I gotta talk about a fucking dog dying!
Tags: dreams

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