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This freaks me out, man.

Flashes. FLASHES. What's happening is, my main light in my studio has two compact florescent bulbs, and for wiring/old building reasons one rarely gets the juice to light up. It sometimes comes on eventually if I leave the light on long enough, but usually it doesn't, and the one bulb is plenty of light on its own.

The thing is, this week that second bulb has flickered more aggressively than normal. As in "seems like a sudden burst of power" kind of flickering. (Highlander: The Flickering! Okay, random aside DONE. (Huh. I almost just spelled that as "asside." I'm still waking up.)) I first saw this out of the corner of my eye while standing in my kitchen, and it seemed like an unexplained burst of light. Now, I actually wouldn't be surprised if my building were haunted, but there's definitely a prosaic explanation. The second light's only stayed on once this past week, but it seems to want to be on. (Possessed light bulb? Okay, no one's written THAT. Stephen King writing about a possessed light bulb would be Stephen King's "Jump the Shark" moment.)


This does mean I have the light to write, so let's have a grab-bag of thoughts:

  • Somehow it never hit me until this morning: I dream a lot about eateries. I don't dream that often about food, mind you, but I do have restaurants and hole-in-the-wall eateries as recurring dream settings. Must ponder this.

  • Serenity question: has there been any analysis of Mr. Universe? Creepy, disturbing guy who hits you with sympathy when you don't expect it -- at least, not the first time you see the film (says a guy who's probably seen Serenity 10 times). Joss Whedon: he can disturb. I like that he admitted that one especially creepy character on Dollhouse is kind of Whedon's critique of himself. I wonder if he'd say anything similar about Mr. Universe. I also wonder how much info kradical was given about the character before writing the Serenity novelization, and how much about him Keith had to invent.

  • Currently waiting for me to pick up at the library: DVDs of the first season of Battlestar Galactica and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Epic all-goes-to-hell space drama, plus something purely to make me laugh. I can appreciate both. (My Aunt Nancy Weare, not always the touchy-feely-ist of my relatives, actually touched my shoulder once when I admitted I hadn't seen it and said "Oh, you have to see it.")

  • One current silly meme on Twitter: Failed Westerns. I've added Power-Wash and Prime Your Wagon, Flame-Retardant Saddles, Limp Arrow (with Jimmy Stewart, NOT with John Travolta), Stagecraft (not as funny as Tara Dublin's Stagemom), Once Upon a Time in West Linn (alternate location: West Egg, for all y'all who've read The Great Gatsby), one title I won't repeat over here 'cause my parents are reading ;-), El Dorito, the somewhat conceptually odd Quigley Under Down (I'm guessing he's commmmfortable), and my personal favorite, HonD'OH! (in 3-D with Homer Simpson).

  • Can you picture Travolta doing a Western? I can kind of.

  • Something that made me laugh out loud last night: a LiveJournal icon that said "Until Bella Swan moved in, we all thought he was gay." As someone who's set off some people's "gay-dar" before, I'm amused by this.
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