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A couple more bullet points:

* Cort and Fatboy have had to change the August KUFO Midnight Movie. They'd planned to show Revenge of the Nerds but they could no longer secure a 35mm print of it.

The replacement film: Reservoir Dogs. Showing up at the Bagdad with a severed ear WILL NOT GET YOU IN. Anyway. Reservoir Dogs. Friday, August 7th at the Bagdad.

* This means that Daria won't have to miss seeing Revenge of the Nerds on the big screen. She's a little busy being a first-time mom. She's also genuinely fond of the film: she once said "Oh, come on, you HAVE to get choked up at the ending!" She's a proud nerd as well as a proud geek (which are overlapping concepts, not quite the same; okay, Chris, time to stop being a pedant). Anyway, I hope one of these days Daria can make it to a Midnight Movie. She'd have fun at one. (I strongly encouraged her to get to Top Gun last year...which, um, inadvertently led to Daria thinking it was okay to announce that film on her radio show, which meant she mentioned the Top Gun screening on her show before it got mentioned on Cort and Fatboy's show! I'm much more careful about that now. Notice I wait to say what the next Midnight Movie will be.)

* (One more Reservoir Dogs thing: When rafaela and I talked on the phone last night, the Midnight Movie came up as a subject and we both started singing "Stuck in the Middle with You." What a great, disturbing use of that song in that film.)

* Coraline's on DVD Tuesday! One edition will be an at-least-attempted-3-D-at-home experience, with 3-D glasses provided with the package. It's worth seeing, in 3-D or 2-D. I've seen it both ways. Beautiful, disturbing film: Henry Selick and the Laika animators deserve to be proud.

* And the film adaptation of Watchmen arrives on DVD the same day. This means I finally can, and will, post a piece about Watchmen I wrote for Geek in the City, but turned in too late so that it couldn't run in a timely fashion. I decided to run it on my journal once the film got released for home viewing. It tackles the alternate-history aspect of the story from, I think, an interesting least, one I haven't seen tackled.

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