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A Grand Day Out

Quickly (or reasonably so) before well-earned rest: rode with my parents today to White Salmon, Wash. in the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge today, and hung out with family and/or napped. I did so in a deeply comfortable house VERY conducive to both pursuits. Joking with kids, petting a lovely and docile dog, getting good family news: among the many things that were good. Closed the public part of my day with a very satisfying Mexican food dinner at La Calaca Comelona with my aforementioned parents, giving them some news of my life and enjoying the food, the people and the night.

Today was all sorts of comfortable, with the exception of a stomach a little unsettled almost all day. But I soldiered through. I didn't want to miss this. And I'm glad I didn't.

I've just skimmed all y'all's journals, so if there's something you feel really needs my attention, link me like a sausage.

All the best, all of you.

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