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Chris Walsh

Supporting people with links, Part the Third: shadesong takes part in Blogathon

Saturday and Sunday is the next Blogathon: for 24 hours, from 9 a.m. EDT Saturday, July 25th to the next 9 a.m. on Sunday, July 26th, participants post every half an hour, and people sponsor them. The experience is often intense, intimate, and hilarious, especially as it reaches the middle of the night and all the people involved -- including follow-along readers like me -- get punchy. It's also the way I became friends with slipjig, rafaela, and zarhooie, people I'm deeply glad to know.

My friend shadesong does Blogathon yearly -- she calls it "my extreme sport" -- and, as before, she is raising money to support the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC). She volunteers for the organization. Among other jobs, 'Song prepares counselors to help people who have survived rape. She also speaks of her own experiences, and how she got past them to recover from them. Rape is violent and violating (it's considered the most violent crime short of murder); she and others are fighting to help others recover from that, and -- also hugely important -- to make rape less likely so that more people can live without that ever happening to them, or ever committing the crime themselves. 'Song's spoken at street fairs and at schools to get the message out: Rape happens more than you may think. Rape can be many things. All can be stopped.

For Blogathon 2009, shadesong will post fiction and poetry, inspired by items made by her many friends. She also will have an auction going on at her LJ community blogforbarcc to raise more money: auction items go up today.

Her goal is to raise $3,000. This is possible.

Here's Shadesong's Blogathon sponsor link.

And here is her entry explaining in greater, better detail than I can do about why she is a part of BARCC.

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