Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dear Driver:

You do know you're supposed to be watching where your one-ton-plus piece of metal is moving, right? And that backing up blindly in a pedestrian walkway area is a really really bad and stupid and potentially people-hurting idea? Yeah?

I didn't think so.

Walking to work this morning, about to cross the turnaround between the main OHSU building and the OPC where my office is, I see a woman ahead of me walking toward the crosswalk. Another woman had parked on the turnarounds's OHSU side, slightly forward of the crosswalk. And the driver backs up while looking forward, and the walker has to step back a step or two. And then has to step back again, because the driver is backing up again, driving onto the sidewalk this time (where it's almost flush with the asphalt), and only then does the driver shift into forward and drive away.

Never looked back. The driver never looked to see if there were people walking in the EXTREMELY WELL-MARKED WITH FLASHING LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS crosswalk/turnaround area.

The walker's OK; didn't even get bumped. But can you tell I'm especially sensitive to this?
Tags: work

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