Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Yesterday...all my lower limbs were here to stay...

"...Now I need a cart to get away..."*

Not sure what I did to my right leg to make it sore. Oh well, I'll try warming it up when I shower and walking the sore out when I leave this morning.

I treated myself after work to a nice, and gift card-bought, dinner. Actually ate in a bar, and actually actually had a conversation with a fellow bar patron, a guy from Kansas City in the Northwest on power company business. (happyspector, if you happen to know a guy named Joe from Kansas City in the power company business, I'd be STUNNED.) Navy stuff, travel stuff, movie stuff, and time-travel stuff were all among the conversation. I also said "'The Ents fuck some shit up' was probably not the way Tolkien put it." (He noticed the book I had with me, Tolkien and the Great War, about J.R.R.'s life and work before and during World War I. I'm the type who brings a book to a bar. Surprised?)

I also found the power of a water bottle. When I got to the restaurant, I first sat down at a two-person table, then decided to go a little outside my comfort zone and sit at the bar. I grabbed my book but not my water bottle. Took me about 10 minutes to realize I was bereft of bottle, and went back, and two fifty-ish women were hovering around that table as if worried it was tainted. I apologized and got the bottle and told them the table was open.

* Hey, tinhuviel, ever heard "Darth Maul's Lament"? It's to the tune of "Yesterday." It was written after The Phantom Menace came out. That's from it.

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