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I'm not going to get a Battlestar Galactica icon yet. Still...

...I have begun the journey proper through BSG. Finally finished both the miniseries and "33," the premiere series episode that doesn't feel like a premiere episode because it drops us into a situation and lets us figure out on the run how bad a situation it is. I already knew, because one time a year-plus ago Mike Russell let me know what happens in "33" -- "...and then it gets worse," he told me. What happens is, the human fleet has had to make faster-than-light "jumps" every 33 minutes because 33 minutes after each "jump," the Cylons catch up with them and attack. The fleet's been doing this for almost a week. Eventually it turns out that a civilian vessel is somehow being tracked by the Cylons, so Galactica'd pilots blow it up not knowing if they're killing hundreds of their compatriots in the process. Hey, I told you it was brutal. Mike told me, too.

The signs of the show's increasingly terrifying sense of humor were only there in flashes in the mini, I thought: the miniseries had moments of close-to-goofy joking, some of which didn't work (as Ronald D. Moore admitted about the "technobabble" he wrote for one scene). One sign of it I noticed in the mini were some of Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck's facial reactions while flying. The humor isn't as much of a focus in "33," focusing instead on this increasingly delerious crew having to fight and/or flee for days without the chance of sleep. Probably a good idea this time, to let the show focus on the grimness of the survivor's situation. Still, I'm looking forward to both laughing and going "Oh my God" later in the run.

(By the way, how great for the cast that for their first week of filming, they could report for work unshaven?)

Knowing that the show runners have cheerfully admitted to making up a lot of the backstory on the run, like deciding at the last minute on the miniseries that Boomer would be one of the Cylons, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how that all hangs together. I may have more to say as I view more: I won't review BSG episode by episode, but there'll be thoughts. So say we all Too easy to say that, Chris!
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