Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blogathon: eustaciavye

Another cause to tell you about: eustaciavye is Blogathonning to raise money for Medical Students for Choice.

Medical Students for Choice is dedicated to making sure medical students have the chance to train to perform abortions, so that they would be able to do so in the future. Very few doctors currently perform them in the United States, and many are age 50 and above -- and thus approaching retirement. Having a choice by law doesn't mean much if you can't reach a practitioner. So Medical Students for Choice push to make changes in med school curriculum, and support young doctors who belive in reproductive freedom.

eustaciavye is writing and posting excerpts from fiction, including her story of a young woman who's been given faerie powers and how that affects her growing up. She's also posting other here's-what's-happening-while-I-blog sorts of posts (like this).

Here's her Blogathon support link:

(Thanks to elionwyr for pointing me in eustaciavye's direction.)
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