Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Written, Said, Felt

Communicating about communication:

Anna (rafaela) and Adam (slipjig) and I were on the phone earlier today, reclaiming our minds after following along for much of Blogathon, and it was time to end the phone call so the two of them could get lunch. At call's end, Anna and I got talking about hugs: plenty of us hug when greeting or separating in person, and plenty of us will write letters, e-mails, and blog comments that include "*hugs*" -- we've certainly wanted and needed hugs lately, with all the difficulties a lot of us have been having -- but what about phone calls? We don't say "hugs." It doesn't sound right when said, though really saying "hugs" is just as arbitrary as writing it. It's just that we're used to it one way and not used to it another.

So to break that pattern, and because both Anna and I could use and appreciate hugs at that moment, we said "hugs." Because really, there probably can't be too many hugs in this world.

And that was an entry.

Tags: language

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