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Well, I guess that's something:

I successfully slept in an 80-degree apartment last night.

This is actually an improvement on the night before. Not in terms of heat, but Sunday night I didn't get fully into deep sleep until very late, even though I'd made a point of getting to bed early. Sunday night I fell asleep propped up in bed trying to read, so I was sleeping in an awkward position with the light on, and that's a recipe for unsatisfying sleep. Finally I woke up enough to turn the light off. At 2:30. I was wobbly Monday morning.

Last night I slept deeply enough to dream deeply. So there's that. That's a good sign. Not very interesting dreams, but still. I think I'm still catching up from the past week (it wasn't just the weekend that's been draining lately, I'll admit) but I feel closer to caught-up.

A water bottle's in the freezer, chilling. This is good and needed.

P.S. tigerstriped86, also dealing with the heat wave, spoke truth: "Excessive heat warning until the 30th. That is lame. The pacific northwest should never have excessive heat anythings."
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