Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

State of the Me

General update:

Work remains odd but manageable. Data-entered and sorted like mad, and straightened out/got help straightening out some very error-filled entries. The office A/C works better in the first half of the day than the second; it seems to give up.

I chased A/C after work. I treated myself to a non-hot dinner (a salad, a hazelnut Italian soda with cream, and a cupcake) at Southeast Grind, having fun on the Net.

Now I'm home, and the apartment is manageably comfortable; shading trees and the blinds have served well. It's actually cooler in here than it was in the office by day's end.

As you've likely gathered from this post, it's hot. 100-degrees plus (I've heard reports of up to 106) in the Portland area. But I remind myself that I know one person (stagger_lee77) who served in Iraq, where it can be 130, so I tell myself: I'll joke about the heat (like I have been on my Twitter feed), but NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

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