Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Today had the potential for my office to get stampeded by drama llamas. One particular REALLY big job had to happen that hinged on my -- let's be sure I get the tense correct -- having made as few mistakes as possible during the past, oh, four weeks. Four dramatastic weeks that have been alternately busy and dead, which is a pace I'm still not used to. I've been checking and re-checking and re-re-checking my work, because I have made mistakes, frustrating ones that have gotten me called on the carpet. Mistakes I was surprised I had made, the "How did I do that?" sort of screw-ups. And today was a moment of truth.

We weathered it mostly fine.

(I managed to avoid gloating over a particular mistake I've made in the past being made this time by the very person who'd really gotten on my case for making it. I know that the temp never gets to gloat. Openly.)

I treated myself to a late lunch -- the job in question was a complicated proofing/correcting job that took over two hours in the middle of the day, from about 10:30 to just before 1 -- and let me tell you, that Taco Bell bacon and cheesy potato burrito with a lemon-lime soft drink was especially satisfying.

The pace at the office became MUCH more manageable after that, and will stay relatively manageable for a while. And I think I've been through a trial by fire that helped me burn some bad habits out of myself.
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