Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The water has not failed me. (Successful Portland travel)

Very efficiently donated blood this morning; I was surprised how quick it was. Treated myself to too large of a roast beef sandwich at Grendel's (NE 8th and Burnside), a good place run by good people; I felt bad that I could eat only about 70% of it.* Oh well. Trusty water bottle in hand and often near my mouth (glug glug glug, gotta stay hydrated, and hydrated I've stayed), I bussed and walked downtown and got computer time at the library and book browsing time at Powell's. (No sightings of Caitlin R. Kiernan's The Red Tree yet, but when it does hit the shelves, two copies will be waiting for me. A worthy splurge.) Later I'll further treat myself to Harry Potter at the Moreland, a neighborhood theater just over a mile south of me.

The temps in the 90s feel very nice. The 106-degree temps being gone: that's a relief. (The woman who completed my blood draw told me the heat was hell on blood donations earlier this week, especially on a really bad Monday when the donation center's A/C quit.)

In other news, here's how I'd look on Mad Men. *grin*

* The sandwich, not the cafe.
Tags: blood, peregrinations, portland
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