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Putting on the cranky pants

This actually ended up being a good day for me. That said, some venting:

* I don't want to be part of your discussion, certain people in one corner of my office. So please don't be discussing your problems with many things (yes I'm being vague), with frequent references to the mysterious "they" who run the world apparently (and specifically) to piss you off, and your tone of "Only I and the people who agree with me make any sense in this crazy world," at enough volume that I have to listen.

I'm sure that when things go wrong as you predict they will with your Worst-Case-Scenario spinning, causing death and mayhem on par with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, that you'll be shouting "See! See! I told you! You were stupid for doing that!" And I'm sure that you'll in some way enjoy that, too. (And news flash: that item that got you even more spun up made the news precisely because IT ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS.)

Still vague. Maddeningly vague, perhaps. Sorry. I don't want to go into specifics or I'll get madder.

* "I think we should have fewer Homer Simpsons, and more money for public schools!" makes about as much sense as the political slogan I saw on the walk home...i.e. NONE WHATSOEVER.

* A good person I know is having to deal with a bad person I don't know, but I trust the good person when that good person tells me how bad the bad person was. I'm doing my best to think happy, hopeful, protective thoughts for the good person.

There: It was good to be vague there.

Be better, people. I'm off to buy milk.



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  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 17:05
    I am glad you exist and that you're choosing to blog!

    Maybe not feeling poetic is a poetic state all its own?

    Try to capture that feeling - I think that will be reflective of many folks'…
  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 06:59
    Glad you're surviving!
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 14:00
    I think I should wait until I have something better to brag about.
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 09:38
    I think it's okay to talk about your life, if you have something you want to share, even if you are doing well.
  • chris_walsh
    9 Jun 2021, 03:45
    I've been serving myself to watch this one day.
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