Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Cool air hoarding!

My pattern the last few days, the tail end of our heat wave: opening as many windows as I can in this apartment in the evening, once there's at least a breeze, closing a couple of them at night so I feel more comfortable with the fact that they're open (here's context for that), then re-opening most or all of them first thing in the morning. My building has no A/C, and though my place keeps not getting too hot (thank you, shading trees) I try to get as much cool air flowing through while the air is still cool. Like right now. I've opened all of the windows. It's not crisp, there's a little too much humidity for that, but it's cool. Thank everything.

Cool air. It's free, but it's not here forever, so I'll grab as much of it as I can!

(Though we should finally hit a high in only the 80s today, and highs in the 70s are coming along. Soon. Not like in November.)
Tags: portland

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