Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Random works, for now.

* Portland today: Thirty degrees cooler than a week ago. The heat? That too passed. (I first wrote "That too shall have passed," but the verb tense was painful.)

* I've been chasing cold. Even on a cool day like today I've been craving frigid water. The freezer is my friend.

* News to happify my friend rafaela: I've started reading Mark Twain's Letters From the Earth, about our world and the Bible as seen by a darkly amused Satan. Satan has a thing about flies and disease (imagining what Noah had to do to preserve them after the flood). Are we surprised?

* Rest In Peace, John Hughes. Worthy filmmaker, and Yet Another Example of how much heart attacks stink. Coincidentally, a park about eight blocks from me will show Ferris Bueller's Day Off tonight. I saw the crew setting up the screen. I'm tempted to go.

* I've received my first ever Ikea catalog. I can read it and pretend I can spend. Well, the sort of spending done in a big box store.

* One day closer to Reservoir Dogs on the big screen, and the visiting with cool people beforehand. This will be good. It'll be my second time seeing the film: I saw it a few years ago at the Laurelhurst.

* Brain feels less hard-boiled now. I may be able to think better again.

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