Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Asked and answered, Your Honor!" he said in his best Bobby Donnell.

I’ve been asked:

How do you feel about dirigibles?

We need more of them! They’re cool! The idea that these 900-foot-long monsters used to be in the skies of the 1930s kind of blows my mind; I have trouble picturing that. I remember once walking the 660-foot pedestrian bridge between the hospital where I used to work and the VA Hospital next door, and thinking This is still shorter than a zeppelin was. A very cherished childhood memory from Rancho Bernardo, California – this would’ve been circa 1980 – a Goodyear blimp flew right over my house. RIGHT over. And seemed this close to landing on the hill behind my neighborhood, due to foreshortened perspective and my imagination.

I’ve never ridden in a dirigible; I’m not sure I’d want to. (I still haven’t flown in a balloon, either.) But seeing them, even the small ones we use today, brings me pleasure. So did seeing them in the film versions of Watchmen and, erm, Mystery Men. (That’s the first time those films have been mentioned together, I’m guessing.) I’m also still a little disappointed that the Empire State Building didn’t work as a zeppelin mooring dock; reality wasn’t cool enough for that. But at least we got to see that via special effects in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Oh, and dirigible hangers are cool places; I’ve been to two. Did the new Star Trek shoot some scenes in a dirigible hanger? I would not be surprised.

I’ve also been asked (warning, Bobby, ya might want to stop reading):

What are your thoughts on the movie The Boondock Saints? How disappointing do you think the sequel will be?

I don’t love the movie, I don’t hate it. I kind of liked it; not the strongest reaction. It didn’t hit me as some cult films have, but it has some pretty striking violence and a few good “WTF???!!!” moments. One friend of mine who has big issues with both Quentin Tarantino and film violence (and who hates Pulp Fiction and True Romance) is fond of this film. I finally saw it last summer, with slipjig and rafaela. In that early scene of the brothers in just their blue jeans, Adam said to Anna “Are you going to your happy place?” The film does have handsome boys, I’ll admit that.

I think the sequel is a bad idea; the disturbing open-ended-ness of the original is one of the things that works about it. Plus the filmmaker, honestly, rubs me the wrong way, and he’d rub me the wrong way less if he were willing to try something else.

By the way, I now do sometimes yell “I can’t believe that just fucking happened!” in that accent. Though that’s probably more due to Boondock Saints fan shadesong.

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