Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

People: the secret ingredient. (That has MORE THAN ONE meaning.) Reservoir Dogs last night!

Quick Cort and Fatboy Midnight (well, before and after midnight) Movie write-up:

Low-key night at the Bagdad, especially compared to The Empire Strikes Back last month. Decent turn-out, not packed but comfortable. I left early -- I realized I wasn't quite in the mood for Reservoir Dogs -- and walked home.

No, this is not going to be that quick a write-up. Back up and say more.

Before the film, I wandered the Bagdad's neighborhood, then ate and visited with people. That's a big part of the pleasure of these screenings, the hanging-out beforehand.

Some of the visiting was not as comfortable for me, but to explain why would be unfair to the person I was visiting with. This visit went better than I expected, but it was not my favorite part of the night. Afterwards I joined Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, Bobbie Winchell, Cort (briefly), and Mailman Chris and his wife, and that went better. I passed along books (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Peter David's Wolverine novel Election Day, and John Ridley's screwball-comedy-with-blood-and-drugs-and-awkward-race relations novel Everybody Smokes in Hell) to Bobby, told him to pass them along to whomever. Turns out Bobby likes Ridley, too (and, like me, had been impressed with his historical novel A Conversation with the Mann, the 1960s as seen by the guy who was the first black comic on The Ed Sullivan Show).

By the way, when I had dinner I had straight coffee. I almost never have straight coffee, with wait-staffers coming around to refill my mug, but I did last night because I'd been craving it. Side effect, I've decided, of watching and being amused by My Big Fat Greek Wedding, though maybe the Greek coffee in that flick reminded me of Turkish coffee, which I like. This wasn't Turkish coffee, it was straight coffee, what Denis Leary would call "coffee-flavored coffee," and it was good (the McMenamin's roast, by the way). Yay for actually being satisfied by something I'm craving!

Fatboy's clip reel this time was an ode to profanity and violence, befitting the movie we were about to watch: stuff like a murder in the film version of American Psycho, a fake trailer for a horror version of, um, er, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ("We're the secret ingredient!"), the real trailer for the Blaxsploitation spoof Black Dynamite, Steve Martin ranting at the rental car clerk in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and a 5-second summation of Batman and Robin that I won't describe 'cause some of you will want to be able to eat for the rest of your life. Ewww.

Then the movie, and my realization that getting home was more important to me, and my leaving. I'll be sure to stick around for all of next month's screening, as it's one of the truly good films to be shot in Oregon. You'll learn what it is later.
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