Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A little truth first thing in the morning

I like making people laugh, or at least chuckle. Took me a while as a kid to learn to be funny; it was like learning a new language. I was not naturally funny. At least I didn't feel naturally funny. And I've long been an intense, serious person, it's just that eventually I learned to cut that with an ever-developing sense of the absurd.

It's good I find ways to be funny, because I often have trouble telling actual jokes. I get hung up on the logic of jokes: "Why would a priest, a rabbi and a minister all be grabbing the same can of soup?" That reminds me that even Gary Larson of The Far Side can get hung up on that:
I hate the cartoon cliche of someone (or, in my case, some animal) on a psychiatrist's couch. I'll do them, obviously, but for some reason this situation always points out the lunacy of mixing animal and human behavior. If the psychiatrist was also a dog, I'd be more comfortable with it. But the approach I've used here makes me want to say, "Wait a minute -- dogs don't visit pyschiatrists! How'd he even find the right floor?" Before long, I start analyzing the improbabilities in everything I've drawn and I might end up having to lie down on the couch for a while.
(from The Prehistory of the Far Side)
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